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What is Energy Therapy?


There are many forms of Energy Therapies but they all work with the same essential process – uncovering and resolving the energetic patterns that are keeping us from living as our full, natural selves. Energy Therapies work from the perspective that every physical, emotional or psychological symptom are tied to blockages in the natural flow of our energy. Once these are resolved, the incredible self-healing and transforming potential of our bodies and minds can work freely, and we can see amazing changes happen.

The range of energetic and psychological change techniques I use create profound shifts for my clients with issues ranging from:


  • Releasing Stress, Anxiety & Trauma
  • Understanding and Shifting Birth Trauma & Pregnancy Related Illnesses
  • Raising Confidence, Self-worth & Self-esteem
  • Reconnecting with your Purpose, finding your directionand creating internal fulfilment
  • Breaking and healing emotional patterns & behaviourswhich are no longer serving you


Everything I do is about helping you to return to a state of emotional stability, mental clarity and spiritual strength (whatever spiritual means to you) so that you can step forwards bravely to create the life you dream of.


Using my toolkit of transformation techniques you’ll leave with simple, powerful tools that you can use by yourself, whenever you need them, to support and maintain your journey long after our sessions together.


Learn more about the Energy Therapy Tools I use:

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is an incredibly powerful technique that combines working with emotions, thoughts and memories and working on the body’s energy meridians at the same time. Because EFT harnesses the power of our energy meridians, we are able to release and reframe deeply held hurts and blocks simply and quickly. It is very effective at letting go of old patterns, phobias, illnesses, and anything else we no longer need.

The technique is as simple to use as it is powerful, and designed to empower you to take charge of your own healing. Once you have mastered it, you can use the technique at home or in any quiet place to relieve stress, clear patterns, kick-start growth, and help you feel on top of things again. And because it can be done in a few minutes, you can use it anywhere, whenever things come up! I think of EFT as a life-tool that everyone should have.


Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting uses tapping on the energy meridians also, specifically to ‘rewrite’ painful and challenging moments from our past to allow us to let go of any trauma or negative beliefs they have caused. In this way, we can literally change our past, because we change the way we feel about it, and change the impact it has on us now. We can reclaim our past from the trauma, and discover the love, wisdom, and growth tied up with every painful memory.



Meta Health is a root cause analysis tool which allows us to discover the emotional causes and understand the biological purpose of dis-ease in the body. It’s a powerful way of getting a clear map of where you are at, and why, allowing the most effective treatment to then take place.


Heart Focused Healing

Heart Focused Healing is a simple yet powerful trauma and stress release tool. Although the process is simple, the principles on which the process is built are very deep, well researched and well founded. Through understanding how the body holds trauma and stress it is possible to process and release it on a deep and transformational level.

Working with the intelligence of the body and with the latest scientific research into the heart, we can release stress and trauma, not simply to bring peace, but to develop strength and resilience.


Advanced Clearing Energetics

ACE is the discovery of how specific stressful events cause certain diseases. We use ACE to reverse the stuck energy behind that stressful event allowing the body to heal itself naturally. You can use ACE on any ailment, pain or disease. ACE is fast to use and because we are clearing stress not stories, it means you don’t even have to get caught up in the trauma or horrible event. Making it easier for you to get the healing you want.

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I use all of these techniques creatively and flexibly when working with clients, often using a number of techniques in each session, so that I can most effectively facilitate the transformation that wants to happen.

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