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Kind words from happy clients


I can safely say I hardly recognise my life since three months ago when I started having Matrix Reimprinting sessions with Tansy.

At the time I was feeling very overwhelmed from the stress of a marriage break up, being a single parent for the first time and a child diagnosed with a serious neurological disorder.  

I had a long list of anxieties I seemed to carry from day to day, which left little or no energy to work on any of the changes I needed to make.  After five sessions that sense of overwhelming stress has really changed.  I didn’t realise how much of my stress was rooted in old stories from the past and clearing them has allowed good healthy energy to flow again.

Once I was in better shape changes seem to come miraculously – I am in a much better place now in terms of support, security and happiness. I found Tansy very easy to open up to about my darkest corners and very skilled at supporting miraculous shifts in every session.  

I have really fallen in love with my life again and hope to keep working with Tansy to uncover even more of my own possibilities and potential.

Margaret O’R.


 Tansy is extremely warm, welcoming and helpful.

She has very quickly and skilfully helped me overcome some traumatic experiences in my youth which I couldn’t seem to forget, making it difficult for me to trust and have close relationships.

From our sessions I feel lighter, brighter, happier and more affectionate allowing me to get closer to my partner and being easier company to be around. I have tried different therapies before and none of them have worked as quickly or as effectively as with Tansy.

Zoe, Nov 14

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